My excel in office 365 on iPad does not understand a simple formula

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I recently purchased an Office 365 license and downloaded the latest versions of Excel to my iPad Pro 11”.


Earlier I have used the free Excel daily on my old iPad 4 with no hickups.


Today I cannot get Excel to do the simple task of comparing content in a cell.

There must be an installation trick that I have not performed and look for guidance.

I include a picture displaying 2 simple rows where the first one works fine

but the second one produces a #NAME? error that I cannot understand.


Please advice!


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@MickeNy can’t see the photo so here is the content of it:

1 1 ’=IF(A1=1;1;0)
A #NAME? ’=IF(A2=”A”;1;0) Why does this formula produce the error in cell B2

@MickeNy after a long talk with MS tech we concluded that when you enter a new formula that contains a character quote such as ”a” then the error code #NAME? is raised. 


The condition was found in iPad office 365 excel and in online office 365 excel.


An error report has been submitted and hopefully we will have a correction shortly.



That's nothing specific for iPad, any version of Excel returns #NAME? error if you use " CHAR(148) instead of " CHAR(34). If check for the explanation that will be unrecognized text


Exactly the same effect, if, for example, type




@Sergei Baklan you have pointed me in the right direction of solving this problem.

What looked like a double quote was not one. The solution that works for me is to uncheck the "Smart punctuation", which seems to be the default of a new installation of iOS, found under Setting->General->Keyboards of iOS.


Tested and working!

@MickeNy , have no experience with iPad, that's great to know you found the right solution

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