Multiple Rows Data into Single Coloum

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Dear Experts.

I have sequential Data in a Table. Need a Logic to have these Table date in one Single Coloum.

A2 B2 C2

A3 B3 C3

A4 B4 C4


Result in Coloum D to be as 







so on .......

Please advise. Attached Sample.


Expert Advise Please. Thanks in Advance.

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That could be done with Power Query - query your range, select all columns, unpivot them and land result into Excel worksheet.


Please check attached.

Thanks @Sergei Baklan. That Helped. 

Hi @HeartFragile, I Think you can you Synkronizer Excel Add-in. Using Synkronizer you Don't need to write any code or Excel formula, Just Download Synkronizer and add into Excel Add-in then and use it. 

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