Multiple IF statements

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Multiple IF statements



I just started a new job and am taking over this massive spreadsheet and have been asked to make some updates. Right now I have three separate sets of payments with payment amount, due date, payment date, etc. on a sheet. The following formula

=IF(BD49="","", CONCATENATE(IF(BC49="","",TEXT(BD49, "m/d/yyyy"))," ",IF(BH49="","",TEXT(BI49, "m/d/yyyy"))," ",IF(BM49="","",TEXT(BN49, "m/d/yyyy"))))

 is returning the due date (BD49, etc.) if there is a payment entered (BC49). The payment date is in the next cell over, BE49. In the cell I have been asked to update is currently returning two due dates. Now, I need to write a formula that will return the payment date if the payment has been made or else the due date if the payment hasn't been made. I have tried numerous variations of the above formula and have tried some of my own. I can't seem to get this to work. Is this even possible? Return one date or else return a different date for three separate situations in ONE cell?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!