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 I want to be able to move or copy a sheet in a workbook to add a new sheet, but when I do this the sorting I have setup doesn't copy over.


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Hi @Julespeto


I hope you are well.


I just want to clarify your scenario, do I understand you correctly that you want to make a copy of a sheet within a workbook but your data in the sheet you have copied becomes unsorted?


When moving or copying the sheet, it should be exactly as you have had it. 


Are you able to confirm if I have understood you correctly?




Hi Damien

Thank you for your response.


No my problem is, I have set up the first tab with sorting by column, then colour etc etc.


When I try to move/copy to a new tab all the data in the sheet comes across, but the "sort" options I have setup in my first sheet are not coming across to the new sheet.


I've tried to copy the whole sheet and paste it to the new sheet, I've tried copying the sheet and then selecting "paste format" but none of these are working.


Sorry if that doesn't make a lot of sense.




I've just done a screenshot to show what I mean.


When I move/copy to add a tab to my spreadsheet, I want these same sorting criteria to copy over as well.

Hi @Julespeto


Thanks for the image. When you say Move/Copy, are you copy/cutting the data accross to a new sheet?


If yes, give this alternative method a go:


1. Right click onto the worksheet tab and click Move or Copy.




2. Select Sheet1 (or whatever it is called) in the list and tick Create a copy.




3. Click OK.


Your entire worksheet should be duplicated exactly as is.


Let me know how you go?




Hi Damien


Yes I have tried that, it copies over all the data but not the "sorting" I have setup in the original sheet....very strange. 


See I now have to setup the sorting again.....

Hi @Julespeto


I don't have the same issue when I simulate it on my end.


It's a weird one all right, and I'm not sure how to advise you from here. Maybe another forum user has the answer?


Does anyone else know???




Thank you very much for trying Damien.


I have a feeling it COULD be to do with different versions of Excel...….I'm still investigating.

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