Move column without inheriting the Data Validation?

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I want to move column G (which currently has no Data Validation) to between A and B (both of which have validation). 


If I Cut and then Insert Cut Cells, then the moved cells inherit the validation rules from column A.  If I first Insert a column and then paste G into it, the moved cells inherit the validation from column B.


How can I move column G with having those cells inherit any validation rules?



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@bvelke ,

Select column G, press Shift and drag it BEFORE column A (on first position). After that drag column B (former column A) on first position before former column G.

@Sergei Baklan Oh, wow.  That's tricky.  And it works.  Thanks very much!

@bvelke , you are welcome

When I try to use shift and drag data it replaces my data and not **bleep**.

i get the message also "there's already data here. Do you want to replace it?"

Very annoying.

What should i do?@Sergei Baklan 


Not sure what do you do incorrectly, but that means Shift doesn't work (cut and insert) and you try to move data. 

In which mode you are it's indicates visually.

Move mode:


Cut and Insert:


Perhaps you released Shift button too early - you shall to keep it pressed till very end of the operation, after you release the mouse button to insert the column.

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