Mouse right click pop-up menu stopped working in Excel 2013

Emil Garnev
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I am using Excel for a long time. Since 2 days (probably I did some wrong shortcut key combination??) I cannot open pop-up menu with right click of the mouse.

Right click works everywhere in the menus and icons of Excel, even if I select full row or column still works, but in the area where are all cells it is not functional. Independent if it is existing excel book or new one. Still, if I open new Macro sheet within the book, it works there.

I tried restarting, also found few tips to write in VB some commands, but still no effect! 

Thank you for any support solving this annoying problem!


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Open the VBA editor (alt+F11), press control+g. Type this text:
At the end of that line, press enter.
If that does not help, repeat the above with:

Thank you, Jan Karel!

Second suggestion worked! And I tried different suggestions I found, but only this one worked for me!

Have a great week!




Hi Jan,
It is worked on that current excel file when you do the vba editor. When I close it or open different excel file, the right click still not functioning. Please advise.
Sounds as if there is an add-in which changes the right-click menu. Check which add-ins you have installed (File, Options, Add-ins tab, select either Excel add-ins or COM add-ins from the drop-down and click Go).
Hi Jan Karel, I got checked the excel and COM add-ins but none of it is ticked. Update : The user feedback to me that now his excel are okay, but we still do not know why it is become like that.

Thank you

@Ameer_manan This may be caused by any (COM or Excel) add-in or by a "normal" Excel workbook. Either of those may contain VB(A) or RibbonX code which modifies the menus.

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