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Mike Hill
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I have an Excel 2013 workbook with multiple sheets. I recently modified one of the sheets to split the window in order to keep column A and row 1 from scrolling. Now I noticed the worksheet tabs at the bottom for the other sheets is missing. There's a popup that says I need to Right-click in order to see the other worksheet tabs. If a different sheet is active I can see the tabs for the other sheets, but if the split window sheet is active there are no worksheet tabs. Is this the correct Excel behavior? Thanks.

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Very odd indeed, haven't seen that one before. Can you post a screen-shot perhaps?

I've attached a series of screen shots. If the left pane of the split window is too narrow the worksheet tab names at the bottom collapse. If you hold the mouse over the worksheet tab arrows a popup is displayed (see ExcelTabs04.png).


Hi Mike,


Yes, that's correct behaviour, there is simply not enough space to show the tabs. You may use right click, or click on 3 dots if they are visible, or temporary move split line to the right.


In general better to use Freeze panes if that's suitable in your case.

Aha, now I understand. You cannot change this I'm afraid, only by moving the split further to the right.

Thanks for the information. I tried using Freeze panes but wasn't able to freeze the first column and first row at the same time. There's also a Freeze Panes current selection option but I wasn't able to determine how the "current selection" is determined.

Mike, stay on cell B2 and select first option from Freeze Panes drop-down menu - first column (A:A) and first row (1:1) will be frozen. That is "based on current selection".

Thanks for clarifying.

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