Microsoft Form data into Online protected sheet


I want to build an online sheet that is a combination of survey data columns from MS Form, user data entry columns and formula columns. Basically it is a live team project tracker.


I want to protect the sheet from being edited by users except for the 3-4 user update fields. That is, I want the form data and the formula data protected.


I have found that when I protect the columns that are being populated by the form data, they stop updating when a new form is submitted. It says Sharepoint App is Editing but no updates are made.


When I unprotect the sheet, new form data gets loaded as normal, but survey responses are no longer synced. So there could be 10 responses in the Form but only 8 in the sheet because it was protected whilst the other 2 were being created. 


Is there a way to give the form permission to update the sheet, but not any other user?


Or any other workaround?

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