Merging Datasets

Keith Lowery
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I need to merge two columns of data by date.  Merge into SEPARATE columns, not merge into ONE CELL.


That is, 1 column has

Jan 1    10

Jan 2    20

Jan 4    30


and the other column has

Jan 1    5

Jan 2   10

Jan 3   15


I would like to merge them into 3 columns like

Jan 1    10    5

Jan 2    20    10

Jan 3    -       15

Jan 4     30     -


I appreciate it if anyone can help me.

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Hello Keith,


WOW! what a good question.


I can write VBA code that does the job; however, I prefer using Power Query (Get & Transform) for doing this, because it will be dynamic and when you add or remove data, upon just a refresh the data will update.


I have just recorded a video based on your example data set on how you can get the needed result using Power Query.    Power Query is built-in Feature in Excel 2016 and 365 and 2013 as Add-in and 2010 to be installed as separate add-in. 


Please watch the animated gif. if you have any question, let me know.


you can view the animated gif in large mode, if you click into the image.




Thanks @Jamil Mohammad, you have taught me a skill out of Excel. :) 

You are welcome! :)

thank you for posting that video.


I will try to use it.  LOL, the video is SO fast though, I'm not sure I can even see what you are doing in the video.


Thanks for feedback :)


I have uploaded a video version here, so that you can watch it at your pace.



Thanks a lot.  The video was very clear and explanatory.  I've tried this technique on my data, and it worked.



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