Making a roster highlighting the people and vehicles that have already been used

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I am trying to make a spreadsheet where the employees' names are put into the roster and their names highlight or do something so they are not picked again and double up anywhere the same with the vehicles.


The attachment is an example of what I am trying to sort out on a smaller scale so you can understand what I am trying to.


I hope you can help.




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@Bill2628 , you can use conditional formatting to make this happen. Please see the example below. ConditionalFormatting_excelroster.png















Here's the formula for reference. "=IFERROR(NOT(IFERROR(VLOOKUP($H11,$K$11:$K$15,1,0),1)),1)"



Hello, thank you for the help, got it working and it is great. But, how do I make it highlight a different colour if there is more than one instance?


In the attached example, I have used the Format only unique or duplicate values rule, however. I would like to have the values that have been duplicated highlighted on the original side if possible. If not, this works great anyway.





I've added another condition to highlight the cell if there are duplicates. As per your original requirement, the cell in the master list highlights in green if a particular value from the list is chosen. If the value is repeated, the value in the master list is highlighted in red. I've attached the edited file.  



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