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Hi there,

I know there must be an easy way to do this and hope you guys can help.

I have posted a picture but here is what I want to do:


If the word on Column B is equal to Column F, I want the word in Column G to appear on Column C.

So, for example, C4 would be Apple, C5 would be Beef, and so on.


This is probably a very simple one but I am a beginner and would appreciate your help!



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In C4 it could be

=IFERROR(INDEX($G:$G,MATCH($B4,$F:$F,0)),"no such")

and drag it down




This formula in C4, copied down rows, will also return your desired result: 


"Not Found")

Thank you so much! @Twifoo 

@Sergei Baklan Thank you very much!!


You're very much welcome!

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