Lookup a data with several criterias

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I have a set of data like this.



And I need to make a report in the form like this



I have tried some formulas like Index-Match, VLookup, IF, etc, but none of these worked for me as you can see they only return TRUE of FALSE, not a date as expected.
Can anybody tell me what is the formula to do this?

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Your report looks a lot like a pivot table, have you tried using that?

@Jan Karel Pieterse,

Thank you for your response.

Yes if it is a new document. Unfortunately, I have to fill in an existing document.

The data I show in my exampes are only part of a bigger document to illustrate what I want/need to do.

The document is month to month record for multi-year transaction.

I know it is a bad practice, and I have plan to reorganized the document. But as I am newly involved in this task, I have to complete this document first.


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