Live Updates in Excel and SQL Server

Tirrell Brown
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Here is my scenario: I have created a table AutzenGIS2200 in a database Autzen2200. I then exported this table with blank data (but with schema) to an Excel spreadsheet and filled in the data.

How do I make it so that the changes in my Excel file update (preferably through automatic processes) the table in SQL Server 2017? If you can, please put this in laymen's terms as I am very new to this and I am being self-taught. That below attachment is a copy of the spreadsheet that needs to be synced. 



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Thank you for the links, I'll check it out and let you know what i find!

let me know how you get on



So I am trying two ways:


1. I use Server Management Studio with windows login. I used the links to reach out to one of the contributors and I am using a sample VBA script, trying to adapt it to my purposes. 

2. I am considering downloading the SQL Spreads extension and trying it out. 


In reference to one, I have run into an "error 91" and I am trying to figure it out. 



Thanks for the help, it looks like for my organization purposes, xlspreads is the way to go to make everyone's life easier.