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I am creating an inventory workbook. I have a column asking if the product is 'active or not active' on my 'master' worksheet. I would like the product to show up on a separate (2nd) worksheet if the product is 'active.' This (2nd) worksheet is for employees to take 'active' inventory counts with. I know how to link cells, but unsure how to write a logical formula for this situation. I might be over thinking it but am at an impasse. Thanks for any and all help.

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Hi @CFaith! Can you pls send a screenshot so that I could figure out. Generally you need a value to prove on a logic function such as: If(cell=12,“active“,“inactive“). First argument in () is what you would like to prove. Next argument ist the result if your cell value is „active, ELSE it’s „inactive“.

For this and other logic functions pls go to YouTube and a channel „ExcelIsFun“, it’s great! You’ll learn all tricks to get your workbook done! Greets, Eva

Hi @Eva Vogel!

Let me know if you can see this okay. If not I will split it into two pictures. I've attached the workbook as well. If the product is an 'active' (see column 'W') product, I would like to see columns A-J populate on a 2nd sheet within the same workbook. I know the simple fix would just be to open a new sheet and paste the cells as a link, and filter the active column 'Yes or No' but was hoping there was another solution before going that route. Thanks for your time!!!Store19.JPG

Hold the line... i will look over it. :)

Hi CFaith! I think this is way too much in a couple of hours to manage... its a complex database you created and i played around a little bit with a pivot. But it takes time to show the columns that you want and it looks like not only simple if function. As a hint of what you can do: Learn Excel Pivots, best with youtube videos. Then you can decide on your own how to design such a database. If i were you, i would do that, because its worth it. Believe me. Attached I sent you my variant of your attached workbook, thanks for offering it. Click on the pivot_example worksheet. If i had more time (at my time at 23:05) i would recommend an excel training to you. At your time and on your site. Hope you dont mind. Greets, Eva.

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