Join two columns of data in a recursive manner

Walt Bednarz
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I have two columns that I want recursively joined.


Column 1: regions (KY, PA, MI)

Column 2: plant resources (Resource 1, Resource 2, Resource 3)

Column 3: company resources (KY-Resource 1, KY-Resource 2, KY-Resource 3, PA Resource 1...)


I expect to update add rows to columns 1 and 2. So would like Column 3 to update by adding the additional rows. I figured Get & Transform would be the way to do this, but can't seem to get that to work.


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It's called a cross join.


Thank you. A couple of questions. Did you invoke that query through a command or did you have write a sql query in an editor? If it was through a command, where do I find the command in Excel 2016? 

I thought you were familiar with Get & Transform (Power Query).


View and Manage Queries in a Workbook (Power Query)