Isolating and Aggregating Data

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I need help trying to isolate user-selected data (Yes or No) within a data set in a worksheet.

Once the user makes the appropriate selection, the spreadsheet would the aggregate all of the “Yeses” from the worksheet into a new worksheet contained within the spreadsheet.


I  believe there must be an easy way to do this but it beyond my level of proficiency.  Thank you in advance!!




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If this is a one-off you could filter your table on that column and then copy the filtered content to another area of the spreadsheet.
Thanks! Unfortunately I don’t think asked the question clearly. As an example, after the user answers either yes or no to an item, I want have the yeses and the corresponding items that were answered yes moved into a separate worksheet within the spreadsheet. Sorry for the second question but I am not sure what I am looking for can be achieved. Thanks again for your help!

Select Data, From Table. Now filter the column with Yes/No for the Yes'es and press close&Load and then point to the locaton where you want the result. After more yes/No answers have been collected you simply click Data, Refresh All.