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I am trying to build a semi-automated master schedule using the Index Match and IF functions but have not been successful in merging the two functions.


I have two schedules, one for doctors and one for nurses(Found in the excel sheet Index Match IF Function Help  under tabs "MD" and "Staff")  . I was able to use =INDEX(A2:D6,2,2) to pull the specific start time of each Doctor from the "doctor schedule". I was also able to use =IF(B12=720,"Kathy","Veronica") to populate nurses name associated with a specific clock in/start time(practice functions found in tab "Copy of Index Example"), but have not been successful in merging the two functions.


For example: If Doctor 1 begins at 7:20AM on Monday and Nurse A begins at 7:20AM on Monday then insert the name of Nurse A. If not then insert name of next nurse that starts at 7:20 OR if none fill with red.


Is this even possible? Am I thinking about this all wrong?


Thank you in advance!

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The structure of your schedules is hard to understand and it's not consistent!

So I have created simple schedules to show you how the formula works.


Please find this formula in the Doctors/Nurses table:


Index & Match Schedules.png


Please notice how the d1 in Doctors/Nurses table has n2, that's because of his start time matches the n2 start time, same thing for the d2.


I've attached the workbook.


Hope that helps

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