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In the attached spreadsheet, I have set up the formula to sum the set of numbers in column A until a negative number is encountered in row 5.  I need to have the formula in the adjacent columns to sum to the same row irrespective of whether the number is positive or negative.  The answer in Column B should be $31 and the answer in Column C should be ($63).  I would appreciate any thoughts.

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You may use this formula in B11, copied across to C11:

@TwifooThank you for responding.  Your answer worked given the information I gave earlier but I realize now that the parameters were not set up correctly.  I've attached another spreadsheet with more accurate parameters.  If I use your formula with the new set of numbers, the returned answer is not correct.

I haven’t tested, but you may try, this formula in B11, copied across to C11:
That worked. Thank you very much. I'm going to have to dig into the formula to gain full understanding but it definitely accomplished what I wanted.
To understand what each formula argument returns, select it then press F9. Thereafter, press Ctrl+Z to revert to the original formula. I’m delighted to have helped you accomplish your goal.
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