Increased File Size

Jason Ong
New Contributor

Hi guys, I was working on an excel workbook that was originally only 71kb in size and after editing several cells, the column for row numbers on the extreme left became wider and the file size increased to more than 2MB, which is weird since it's a simple spreadsheet. Anyone has this problem and knows what this is attributed to? I also tried using the Inquire add-in to remove excess cell formatting that could have happened but I get prompt saying that the default row size is zero and cannot be analyzed. Please help!

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copy your data to another sheet or workbook.
then "Clear All" - after that, re-copy back the file.
see what happens..
remember to make a backup copy of your original work.

Thanks Lorenzo. Would you know what might cause that to happen though? So that I can prevent it in future, rather than copy pasting every time it happens. Thanks mate.

actually it happened to me sometime ago and that's what I did. But really didn't know the reason. Maybe inadvertently some formats were added....
glad that it helped..