In Excel can you easily change the File name that a formula is pointed to

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I've created an Excel file that has a bunch of tabs for different things.  One is my Bill of Materials.  I was trying to create a 2nd Excel file that would be my Purchase Request form without all the unnecessary tabs to make it stream lined for my purchaser.  I know how to point to another file and make it work.  What I was wondering is if there is a way to create a blank form and be able to type in just the reference file name in a single block and that would repoint all the formulas to the proper location.




='[xxx Internal Cost REV0.xlsx]Tab1'!$A$31    Is doing it the normal way


I want to use an unused cell that I would type the actual new file name into to replace "xxx Internal Cost REV0.xlsx"


So I was picturing something like:




and cell Z3 I would type in "xxx Internal Cost REV0.xlsx"


Is this even possible?

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Hi! I would prefer to create a Userform in Excel VBA with a combo box (Control) and content will be the certain cells or xlsx-Links that you will point to.

I found something on stackoverflow, check this pls.: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23110442/excel-vba-listbox-links https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23110442/excel-vba-listbox-links

Hope that helps. Greets, Eva.

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