If a value is found in a range, then return that value (not "TRUE" or it's cell reference)

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I have a range of cells (O2:V2).

I have a value in a single cell (B2).

I am trying to search this range to see if any of the cells (O2:V2) match B2.

If any of the cells in the range match, then I need it to return the match value (not a value of "TRUE" but the actual value).

It is unknown where within the range the matched cell exists, so I cannot use a reference cell.

Is there a way to do this?

For example:







I need the formula in C2 to display "Apple" from R2.

The next row could be different. For example:




In this row, I need to apply the same formula as in Row 2 to search this range and return "Apple" no matter where it is found in the Row 3 range.

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=IF(COUNTIF(O2:V2,B$2),B$2,"no match")


Sorry, I should have been more specific...

=IF(COUNTIF(O2:V2,B$2),B$2,"no match") would bring back "APPLE" if it was an exact match. I am looking for a cell that may contain "RED APPLE" or "GREEN APPLE", and then bring back either "RED APPLE" or "GREEN APPLE" (whichever one it found).
A work around I had to create was this:
But I needed to keep this formula going for every column I wanted it to search (there are 20 columns), so this formula got VERY long




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