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I am not sure what I am doing incorrectly when trying to do conditional formatting:

I have tried with full columns as well as individual cells. My formula looks like this: =$E:$E=”Yes”
format grey
applies to =$F:$F

I then go to my document and choose Yes from the pull down menu and it does not change any cells.


Please advise


Thank you for your time!



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Hello @analis_yeg,


Assuming your data starts at cell E1:

Set your formula to =E1="Yes" and apply it to $F:$F.


This should fix your issue.

Here is what my formula looks like when I go under conditional formatting:


format grey

applies to: =$F:$F


When I apply this, nothing happens. Same if I just choose 2 cells as opposed to 2 columns...

If you set your formula as =$E:$E=“Yes”, then you will return nothing because the entire column E does not equate to “Yes”.

Instead, in only the first cell of which you would like to apply the conditional formatting (i.e. cell F1), set the conditional format formula to =E1=“Yes”. Then in the “applies to” section, select F:F. This will allow the conditional format to search in each adjacent cell for the text “Yes”.

For example, if cell E1 holds the value “Yes”, then cell F1 will be formatted grey. If the cell E2 holds the value “No”, then cell F2 will not be formatted grey.

I hope this helps!

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