Identify a given string

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I have a list of options:

Análisis, Estimación, Planificación
Pruebas de Conectividad
Revisión de Código y Corrección de Incidencias
Documentación de Transporte


And I need to identify which one is comming on each row of the worksheet.


Additionaly, as these strings may not always be the same, I'm searching for specific key words from each, by using the SEARCH formula, as follows, and once I identify it, I assign a "task type".


All these, resulted on the following formula, which is not working properly... it only works with the first FALSE option, but not with the rest.




Task TypeTasksTask CodeFormula
TareaAnálisis, Estimación, PlanificaciónTask_AnalisisTask_Analisis
TareaPruebas de ConectividadTask_Prueba#VALUE!
TareaRevisión de Código y Corrección de IncidenciasTask_Revision#VALUE!
TareaDocumentación de TransporteTask_Transp#VALUE!


Any suggestions?


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@leofeltrin ,


Instead of




to check if the word is found or not. And be careful with absolute/relative references (perhaps it shall be $A$2 instead of A2 at the beginning, etc). I didn't check entire logic.

@Sergei BaklanIt worked OK!! Thank you!

@leofeltrin , glad to help

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