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i am a newbie and searched for answer but did not see it - so I appreciate assistance...

I am doing a index match function - but I believe I am running into a limit in the column lookup to get my answer - my away is about 400 columns...the column with the answer is in column formula works well up to column CZ - but when it goes to DA is get #ref!...I attempted to use a column Number (105), a vlookup, and column Title (DA1) - all come back as ref...I appreciate any assistance - thanks in advanceindex match photo.jpgthe red numbers return ref answer



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Your matrix is from column A to column CZ which correspond to columns 1 to 104.

The formula part which calculates the column is COLUMN(DA1) which corresponds to column 105.

Can you spot the problem?


@Detlef Lewin 

THANK YOU so much - I cannot believe I missed that - after looking at it for about 2 hours !!! - LOL...

I have the same formula on multiple tabs...and the data on those arrays goes to CJ - so I thought CZ would have been fine (when I BLINDLY copies and pasted the formula) - not even realizing the data on the array that I am currently working on goes to column "HV"...AGAIN VERY MUCH APPRECIATED - my stress level as been reduced - all the best !!!!!

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