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I am trying to write a formula, that will automatically fill if Cell C34 is greater than 0 and fill in a few other cells.

In the attachment, if Cell34 is greater than 0, I would like for Cell B35 to populate the following month and Cell C35 to populate the corresponding Available Work Days (Column H). Then if Cell C36 is greater than 0, have Cell B39 populate with the following month, and then have CellC40 populate the corresponding Available Work Days (Column H).


Is this possible?


Thanks in advance.

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@drt_80 , you can use these formulas.


In cell B35  (you had manually entered the 31st September, but September has only 30 days)




in cell C35




in cell B39




in cell C40






@Ingeborg Hawighorst  Perfect, Thank you!

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