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I'm super stumped! I'm still pretty new at Excel and am having a problem with writing out this formula correctly and I have spent many hours and still can't come up with the correct calculations for the formula. EX: . Gwen offers a $5.00 discount to repeat students. Apply this discount as appropriate to the student data as follows:
In cell H4, create a formula using the IF function and structured references to determine the correct amount paid based on the following criteria:
a. If the Repeat? value is “Yes”, calculate the amount paid by subtracting 5 from the Fee.
b. Otherwise, the amount paid is the Fee value.

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That's like

= <Fee> - 5*(<Repeat?> = "Yes")
If you prefer the IF version of the Boolean formula, it is this:
=IF(<Repeat?> = “Yes”,
<Fee> - 5,


= <Fee> - IF(<Repeat?> = "Yes",5)
You make me smile with your creative use of the IF, Sergei!
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