IF Function (Logical Test, True Formula, False Formula)

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Hi Experts,


I am trying to use =IF(A1<8000000),(A1*0.05),(8000000*0.05)), but it does not work.

[Number Format] Cells A1 = 15,000,000

[Number Format] Cells B1 = 5,000,000


Expected Result:

A1 = 15,000,000 is more than 8,000,000 , "FALSE" use function 8,000,000 * 0.05

B1 = 5,000,000 is less than 8,000,000, "TRUE" use function 5,000,000 * 0.05


Please help me.

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Hi Albert,


There is a syntax error in the formula!

You've closed the function in this point because of the right parenthesis after 8000000.



You need the remove the right parenthesis after 8000000 as follows:



Also, no need to the parenthesis around A1*0.05 and 8000000*0.05.



Hope that helps

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