I need help writing a complex formula involving dates

Jessika Castillo
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I am trying to work on a project that has thousands of dates that i need to set up as MM/DD and currently  i have them as MM/DD/YY. Is there a function on excel that helps me do that automatically or do i have to do it manually?? 


Also, i need to create a column that has 10 days prior to the MM/DD, is there a formula that i can use to do this? Otherwise i have to go a manually change the date for about 8,000 contacts. 


I am currently using microsoft excel on my mac 

I appreciate your help. 




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Hi Jessika,


Simply, you have an option in Excel to change the date format as you want.

Just highlight the column of dates, and then press Ctrl+1 to open the Format Cells dialog box.


In the Format Cells, select Custom, and replace what is in the Type box with this format:


 After that, hit OK.


Format Cells - Custom.png


With regards to the formula you asked to get 10 days prior to the MM/DD, please try this one and find it in the attached file.


Get 10 days before a date.png


Hope that helps