I need Help with Excel Worksheet PLEASE

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I'm currently trying to calculate an invoice using data that includes the following 


A (CALL DATE + TIME )   set up like ....  12/1/2017 8:47   and 12/1/2017 13:49

B (incoming call phone #)    customer #

C (work phone #)         same number, my #

D (duration on phone, seconds)   

E  (income call BEGINNING time  stamp, same as A column

F  (  Ending time stamp)

G  (whether or not it's incoming/outgoing call)


I am trying to figure out how to calculate Active hours. 

Answer phone call 8:34... end call at 8:46.... answer call at 8:54  = 2 CALLS, one active hour


Is it possible to calculate as such?

I've been trying to work on this but I'm at a stand still. 
please help! Thanks !


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@JDExcel , better if you provide small sample file, removing all sensitive information, to illustrate how exactly your data looks like.


Active hours - if you have outgoing call starts at 8:59 and end at 9:01and now more calls at all - that's one call and two active hours to invoice?

@Sergei Baklan Yes that is correct. I don't know how excel works. I've only started using it today. I have extremely limited coding abilities. Do you know how I could create my excel to account for me? 

I'd greatly appreciate your time . 

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