I am unable to grant access to users to refresh a pivot table in a protected worksheet :(

New Contributor

Hi, I am stuck and would need some help from you guys. I started off by doing CTRL+A on the same worksheet that I intend of having it protected, and did a CTRL+1 to format cells and unticked the 'Locked' option. After having unlocked all cells, I proceeded with highlighting the range I wanted to protect, CTRL+1 again and selected both locked and hidden this time round! I, then protected the worksheet, setting up a password, and granting the users all access, bar formatting cells, and deletion of rows (which shouldn't affect a pivot table I think). After reentering the password of protection the refresh option of the pivot-table quickly became ghosted. I don't know why, but I granted user access to make use of the pivot table, as well as auto-filter, edit scenarios etc. Why is this? What am I doing wrong? Can you please help me out in this? Thanks