Hyperlinks that are unstable.

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 5 year old problem.  I   use the default Window 10 mapping to link videos on Drive G to Excel Spreadsheets on Drive G.   They last about 3 weeks .  After that I get the message "site not valid"


Problem has stumped half a dozen tech agents.  Now at level 3 with India and best  agent can do is watch a  sample link on a weekly basis. 


Only fix I  have found is to remap the path .   Likely 100 or more links monthly. 


Only thing I can figure is that McAfee, Windows Defender or System Mechanic are corrupting the path. 

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Can you perhaps upload a file which shows the issue? It does not need more than a couple of those links. One solution might be to place the hyperlinks into cells as plain text and then use the HYPERLINK worksheet function to dynamically generate a hyperlink from that cell's content.
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