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Hi, I am trying to create a report with hyperlinks to an external website, each link containing a generic address path + a cell value, i.e. www.123.com/test/(cell value). I can create the link no problem and the first cell takes me to the correct location, but on generating the hyperlinks for the rest of the spreadsheet the hyperlinks look to be correct (i.e. each have the correct unique address) but on clicking different links they all direct back to the original value. I'm using the hyperlink function as follows =HYPERLINK("https://www.123.com/test/"&F2) and a colleague has tried =HYPERLINK(G2,E2) where G2 contains the link and E2 the displayed name but he has the same issue when creating additional links

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Hello @Simon310 ,


that's unusual. Can you post a sample file that shows that behaviour for just a handful of links?

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