How to select specific cells among thousands of cells that are in one column?

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Hello All,


Just in summary of the problem i am having is as follows:

- I have one column that contains thousands of cells (data);

- what i want to achieve is the average of some specific cells in the column;

- my problem is that i cannot select one by one as it is impossible and they are not any type of order;

- what i have is the row number (e.g. 604, 1122,...,) and the column letter;

- I want to take the average of these cells without taking in consideration the others in the same column (e.g. how to pick these cells automatically since i know their column letter and their row number)


The excel file is attached :

Column A is the data column, where i want to take the average from

Column C is the row numbers of the cell's that i want to the average of.


Thank you very much for your kind help.


Kind regards,


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Next to your data, in column B, starting from cell B1, enter this formula:
COpy down to match the data in col A.
In Any cell, enter this formula to average the numbers:
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