How to make visualization diagrams fro ANOVA

Wardah Mustahsan
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I was wondering if someone can show me how make a graph or chart diagram or any other recommended visualization diagram with ANOVA data table. I have searched around for some example but the example is not really applicable with my data since I have large variation in my numbers.


I will attach the excel sheet below.


Thanks I appreciate the help.

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Please provide more information as to what precisely you are doing.

ANOVA tables aren't meant to go in a chart, you are supposed to interpret the information in the table and decide what in the table is statistically significant and what is not.

I am wondering if information provided in the ANOVA  table for example here :



                          DF                       SUMSQ                         MEANSQ                 F-VALUE                PR(>)F
ENTRY                143                     14370000                          100558                    0.9896                 0.5247
REP                        1                      84000                                84000                     0.8357                 0.3621
SUB.BLOCK            4                       189000                             189000                     1.8667               0.1190
RESIDUALS         151                      101000

How do I use this data to make bar graphs with SE bars or whisker box plots or interval line plots on Excel? Can I just simply highlight the table and select the respective graph or is there additional modifications I have to make?

I would advise to activate the Analysis Toolpak add-in and use that to produce the charts and analysis tables. As far as I know it can produce statistics charts like hte one you mention, but I'm not entirely sure.
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