How to insert a .jpg file into an Excel Spreadsheet

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Using a late 2013 iMac 27", OS X Yosemite 10.10.5


Microsoft Office for Mac 2016


I'm working on an inventory system where each item receives a photo ID.  When I select the desired cell for the photo ID, I go to the ribbon across the top, open the "Insert Picture" command, and the picture is inserted into the cell.  However, the picture opens automatically, as if by hyperlink or something similar.


With the photo open like this, it is large enough that neighboring cells are obscured.  Looking for a way to just insert the .jpg file into the cell, where it could be opened when needed, but otherwise, remain closed.


A couple of photos are attached to help illustrate what I'm trying to explain.  Thanks in advance for all your responses.2nd example.jpgInsert photo file into excel.jpg

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Hmm....I'm wondering of the lack of replies since my original post two days ago means that the task I'm trying to accomplish can't be done. Or, maybe I'm simply not wording my question the right way. Using an Excel spreadsheet, I have a single row of data for each object I'm listing. Each row has several cells. I would like to be able to insert a photo ID file (.jpg) into a cell on each row. I thought I would just be able to copy and paste the .jpg file into a cell, allowing me to open it when needed. But, when I put the file into the cell, the actual picture is displayed, or opened - and, the display is large enough that nearby cells are partially obscured. I was hoping that I could insert the .jpg file into the cell with the .jpg file info (text only) displayed, not the photo itself. Is this the appropriate community to be asking this question? Thanks in advance for all responses.

Hi Claude (is that correct name?),


The only workaround I know that's to insert picture into the comment. Below is i did that on PC, hope shall work on Mac as well:

insert any comment


if existing comment, from right click Edit comment; select shape and Format comment


here is color and Fill effect


picture tab and add your picture


you'll have something like this


after all okay you have comment sign on the cell


but when you select the cell you'll see your picture in comment (you may size it, more exactly comment shape, as you need)




Hi Claude. I am in a similar situation in that I need to associate an inventory item with a jpg file. I was wondering if you managed to find a solution as I’d be most interested. Thanks
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