How to count and sum "Condtional formatting" cells by color in Excel 2010?

@Jamil MohammadHi Jamil I'm at my wits end on how to do this. I have a spreadsheet that I use to monitor a football pool. I have 8 columns conditionally formatted to show highest value, now I'm trying to find a way to count any formatted high values in the rows that cross these columns. I've worked through just about everything previously mentioned in this thread and still cannot come up with the formula needed to count the high values. Any help would be hugely appreciated. I've attached a portion of the spreadsheet I'm working on. Edit: After further researching this issue, and reading the rest of the posts in this conversation, as I should have, it appears that what I'm trying to do isn't possible. Hard to believe that something as simple as counting colored cells across rows that are formatted by conditional formatting in columns, can't be done. I've looked for other options to do this and can't find anything that suits me. Is there a way this can be done?

@Jamil Mohammad 


Hi!  I came across to this thread coz i was looking for an answer to my problem.  And found that you posted one for "sum by color when colors are set by conditional formatting"

However, what I want is to count all cells with red font color in a range but the FONT COLOR was based on the conditional formatting


Example: range is A1:A1000  then the formatting I made was to turn DUPLICATE ENTRIES into a RED FONT COLOR.  regardless of the text content.  if apple and banana were duplicated twice.  the result should give me NOT 2 BUT 4.  Please help me.


Thanks in advance!

Hi @Jamil Mohammad,

Could you please look into a file attached? I am trying to count CF colored cells in "SJA racks" tab. 

Getting "0" all the time. I ahve tried GetColorCount and COUNTConditionColorCells = same result "0". 

What am I missing? 

Thanks in advance for looking into this.

Hi Alex,


No need to overkill it with UDF. you can use built-in Excel formula to get what you need.


simply put this formula in M6 cell of SJA racks sheet and copy it down up to cell M51.


see also in the attached

Hi Pau_Me

I have already answered to this question in another forum. Please get the code or example workbook from here





you do not need UDF for this, you can accomplish the same with this formula




also see it in the attached workbook.

@Jamil Mohammad 

Hi Jamil, this formula works great except when all the cells in an array are blank. If all the cells in an array are blank then they are all equal, so it counts each as the "max". I've been searching for the possibility of using an IF to check if cell is blank, but not finding anything that suits my spreadsheet. How can I get around this?


Thank you again for your assistance in this. I'm not a strong user of Excel so need some help from time to time. And your expertise in invaluable!!


Jeff Cupps

@Jamil Mohammad 

I read all your posts and appreciate all the comments from you and the other users.

But (there is always a but) I can't understand, why I am getting #Value! error.


So I have a couple of questions for you:

1. How I can create an applies to conditional format per row using the format painter button? I watch that in your video, but doesn't work for me:

At row five I created a conditional format =C5:L5

Each time I press enter (OK), it cames to =$C$5:$L$5

And if I use the format painter to copy to the remain rows it will be like this =$C$6:$L$32

When should be like: C6:L6, then C7:L7 ...



2. The count conditional formatting cell per color isn't working (O5) 


Thanks for your support






I have revised the formula to take care of the blanks.


please see attached.



Hi, I checked your file.   the UDF will not work this sort of range. because your conditional range is not within the range. 


I also did not understand why your conditional formatting rule starts from C6 while the data is from C5.


I have put a formula in the attached file that shows how you can count the range of cells that meets the criteria within another range.  see if you can work that out.



@Jamil Mohammad 


Once again thank you Jamil! Your help has been invaluable. The changes you've made work perfectly. I've attached a copy of the spreadsheet end result, in case you were curious. Also for anyone who might find themselves with the same issues.

Many thanks to you my friend!!


Jeff Cupps

@Jamil Mohammad 


Thanks for your comments!
I will explain that file:

>In a company, workers use the national lottery to play a game (like bingo).
>Each week the lottery has 2 contests (C42:G73) and each contest 5 numbers;

> The first worker C5:L32 to complete all his number (per row) will win all the money;

>There is a conditional format to paint as red (when) the worker hit the number;

The person who is controlling this “social enterprise game” counts (cell by cell, without using a form or a macro) the number of whites, to know how many missing numbers each worker has.

I am trying to replace the “manual counting” with your script, we wish to count the missing numbers (white or without conditional format) = like column M.



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