How to add separator (comma) inside a formula?

Haytham Amairah
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How to add separator (comma) inside a formula?

How to separate the value of SUM by comma in this case?







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Re: How to add separator (comma) inside a formula?

Haytham, format the SUM as well, like ="Total: " & TEXT(SUM(D3:D12),"#,##0_ ;-#,##0 "). If I understood your question correctly...

Re: How to add separator (comma) inside a formula?

Thank you Mr. Baklan, this is exactly what I want :smileyvery-happy:


But I have noticed another code gives the same result.

The code is: #,##0

What's the difference between it and the code you mentioned?

Re: How to add separator (comma) inside a formula?

Actually no difference, for me it was faster enter the formula ans copy/paste it here. In general, for whole numbers you may use something like TEXT(A1,"#,#"). Another story if you would like to make different formatting for positive and negative numbers, add text and or colors into formatting, etc - all that additional symbols matter.


In particular, you may format your cell with =SUM(D3:D12) as "Total: "#,### (enter this into the Custom format of the cell) that gives the same result.


Comma just separates your number on thousans, millions, billions, etc.


More about formatting is here




and i guess in many other places



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