How to add more data to a PivotTable?

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Hi everyone!


I have a tab in my Excel spreadsheet called Details. On this tab is a bunch of raw data. Then I have a second tab that is my PivotTable. It magically parses out data in a way I can't explain, but it's awesome.


My problem is that every week I get more data in the same format and I want to add it to the current PivotTable. When I tried to copy and paste the data from the second Excel spreadsheet into the Details tab of the first Excel spreadsheet, the PivotTable didn't update. Does anyone know if this is possible?

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Hi Scot,


Stay on Pivot Table and on ribbon PivotTable Tools->Analyse-Change Data Source and update your range from here. If you din't add data to data model creating the PivotTable it just updates your PivotTable, otherwise it could require to rebuild it.


In general it's better to use Excel tables or dynamic named ranges for your source data.

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