How to add 1/2 days on a Attendance Tracker?

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I am using Microsoft attendance tracker-



How do I track 1/2 days in both vacation and sick?


Thank you very much!

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Perhaps the easiest way is to add one more column here


and the formula in Days column change on

=NETWORKDAYS([@[Start Date]],[@[End Date]],lstHolidays)+[@Adjustment]

Correct format of these two columns after that.

Please see attached

Hello Sergei,

Thank you for your reply.


However, I'm using a different tracker than the one you've suggested a solution for.


The template we're using is:



Can you please suggest a solution for 1/2 days for this tracker?

Thank you!



Instead of "s", "v", etc. you may type "0.5s", "0.8v", etc. and instead of COUNTIF use formula as


this one is for sick leaves, another two are similar.

Plus in conditional formatting rules change formulas like




Please check in attached file (it's done for 1st quarter only)

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