How can you select 43 001 lines in one swift movement?

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Hi, how do you select 43 001 lines in Excel (yes, I mean "lines", not "cells") using a very fast method ?

I use Office 365 Excel on my HP Spectre i7, fiberglass to internet link, etc.

In advance thanx from Paris

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One option might be to convert the range to a table and then select the entire table from the top-left of the headers. If you are a fan of magic key combinations Ctrl+Shift+End might do what you require.


Just type in reference box (top left from A1) 1:43001 or so.

Thanx. Not working. I need to select and delete LINES, not cells. 

@Sergei Baklan 

Hi. Thanx. To be more precise :

In my Excel sheet :

- my first line is n°1

- I want to select all the lines until the n°43 001

- the last line is n°84 703

I don't want to select the lines n°43 002 to 84 703

So is there a key combination resembling " Ctrl+Shift+End " that could work? ... that wouldn't select until (the) END (of the sheet), is what I mean. 

@Peter Bartholomew 


Under Lines you mean rows like this


or something different? Above is selected by 3:8 in the box.

Yes I mean " rows " (which in French is "lignes")


@Sergei Baklan 

Thanx, it works, have a great day

@Sergei Baklan 

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