How can I get the new feature "Insights"?

周庆麟 -Kevin Zhou-
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I'm a user of Office 365 Home and I joined the Insider plan. My Office version is 1806 now.

But I can't see "insights" in the "Insert" tab, why ?

How can I get it?

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Hi Kevin


You may need to just add it to the Insert menu by Customizing the Ribbon.




Maybe try this and see if it works?


Best of luck!




Thanks for help.

I did what you said but only get this.


Hi Kevin


I'm not sure what's happening with your subscription and I don't have the option either in my ProPlus.


Here's some info from the Microsoft site: https://support.office.com/en-ie/article/insights-in-excel-3223aab8-f543-4fda-85ed-76bb0295ffc4 


It says it's still rolling out but that you as an Insider should get first offering if you are using the English version. If you're not using the English version then maybe that might be the cause.


Other than that, maybe someone else here knows something?


Best wishes


That functionality is distributed gradually. If you are on the build for which the functionality was announced that's not necessary you'll have it, maximum you may have that's that grey icon.


The only way is to wait till it'll be activated for your pool.

So, I can only do wait ? 

Yes, I'm using English version and I've joined Insider plan.

Hi Kevin

As Sergei and the website says, it'll be coming but I'm sure you won't have to wait long. Microsoft are efficient at pushing stuff out.

Good luck with it. I hope it does the job for you when you get it!




I'm having this same issue with a clients computer.

They are using ProPlus version of office 365 on the latest version "Version 1809 (Build 10827.20150)"


But when adding insights, it appears blank with no button to press.


Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Peter,


Do you mean you have empty white pane on the right without any information? And is that Insights icon or new Ideas icon https://support.office.com/en-us/article/ideas-in-excel-3223aab8-f543-4fda-85ed-76bb0295ffc4 ?

Hey Sergei,


It's the same issue as the one Kevin had above in the screenshot which he squared in Red.


it's insight, it appears as a white box with no button in it.



Okay, thank you for the clarification.

Insights will be substituted on Ideas, but my understanding they are working the same way.

When you click on the icon it shall be no any buttons in the pane. If you have any data within the sheet, in the pane it will be suggestion for this and that graph to insert. If you have no data in the sheet, in the pane it'll be the message what Insight can't recognize your data.


If you have only white box without any information that most probably means Excel can't communicate with the server on Microsoft site. In general that's a bug if only your firewall doesn't block such connection. The only workaround I know is to add https://insights.microsoft.com to the list of trusted sites: Internet Explorer->Tools->Internet Options->Security->Trusted sites->Sites.

Peter, another option which could work in some situations if you unchek compatibility view in IE

hi, i am using Office Pro plus 2019 version 1903. this is the latest version but i dont have Insights option in my excel. can you support? @Pet0r Czechowski 

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