How can I edit Automatic Styles applied to Data Groups (Outlines) in Excel on Mac?

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According to the Excel for Mac Help documentation:

"For outlined rows, Microsoft Excel uses styles such as RowLevel_1 and RowLevel_2 . For outlined columns, Excel uses styles such as ColLevel_1 and ColLevel_2. These styles use bold, italic, and other text formats to differentiate the summary rows or columns in your data. By changing the way each of these styles is defined, you can apply different text and cell formats to customize the appearance of your outline."


But nowhere does it state how/where I can change the properties of these styles. For example, how can I edit the properties for RowLevel_1 to make it Bold, 14 pt, etc.?

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@evomimic , at least for Windows you may select such style (it will appear in Styles on ribbon if you focus on cell with outlined result), right click on it and modify.


 I guess on Mac it shall be similar.

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