Help with a form to load single rows in a table

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i'm trying to use a single row on one worksheet as a form to load single rows into a table on another worksheet... the single row on the first worksheet consists of checkboxes, and cells that process the boolean output from the checkboxes into a single numerical value, again all on one row. there will also be, on that same row, user input fields [cells] for text, date and numerical values, each one corresponding to a field on the table in the second worksheet. while the checkboxes do not directly load any cell in the table, the calculated numerical value derived from the checkboxes selected by the user does correspond to a field in the table.... ideally the user will select checkboxes, type in text data, date , and additionald numeric values [separate from and independent of the checkbox calculations] and press enter to load the contents of the single row on sheet one into the next available empty row in the table on sheet 2

I have no idea how to designate the first worksheet as a form nor how to link it to the table on sheet 2. I have successfully added checkbox form controls to the first sheet, and written a series of cells all on that same single row which use if then else and '''and'' functions to both validate the checkboxes chosen and to calculate the correct numerical value corresponding to whatever combination of checkboxes are selected. all that remains is to designate the first worksheet as as form and link the cells in that single row to the corresponding fields in the table on the second worksheet... i've searched help, googled the question in every phrasing i can think of and uncovered a wealth of information on how to add controls to a form,  to add active x controls to a form, etc.. but nothing seems to say'' hereis how you get a form  you can add controls to" clearly i'm missing something obvious. Please don't tgo to the extra trouble of sharing your amusement; i feel dumb enough already thanks . . .... grin

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