Help with Excel using IF and AND and OR and NOT functions

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Hi, I'm trying to write a formula that incorporates the IF function and uses the OR, AND and NOT features.  

I want the formula to read:


IF cell G5="DS" or "DT" AND cell AF5 does not equal "FT10" or "FC10" or "TXTX" or "RSTK", then return the negative value in cell S5 otherwise, return 0.


Can anyone help with this?


thank you


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That's like


if translate your text into formula

@Sergei Baklan 


Thank you so much for your help, it works perfectly!

@Sergei Baklan 


I'm so sorry, I spoke too soon, the formula isn't working.  It seems to be ignoring the second part of the equation with the <>"FT10","FC10", etc...


I've attached a sample with the formula in column Z.  All highlighted cells should be 0, yet they're returning -S5 value.  


I may not have explained what I want to see very well.  The highlighted cells are either DS or DT however, they have FT10, FC10, TXTX or RSTK in column AF, so I want them to be 0.  


The second OR should be replaced with AND in your formula, try this...






Or simply this...





Just the boolean logic.



@Detlef Lewin 

It needs only a small tweak...




Yes, thank you for the updated formula, that did the trick!


You're welcome! Glad to help.


If you use a table and group the Boolean conditions applied to a single variable within array constants, the resulting formula is almost readable

= IF( AND(
      OR( [@[Order Type]]={"DS","DT"} ),
      AND( [@Class]<>{"FT10","FC10","TXTX","RSTK"} ) ),
  -[@[Ext Price]],
  0 )

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