Help with Excel formulas

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Help with Excel formulas

I have 2 Columns that are time.  Example(one column(A) is arrival and the other column(B) is departures) I need them to highlight the row(A2,B2) when the difference between the two is greater than 15.  How can I have it highlight the row? 


I am running Excel 2016.

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You can use Conditional Formatting with a formula to do that.

But please let us know the kind of difference between the two? Is it greater than 15 hours or minutes?

I'll suppose that is greater than 15 hours, so the formula for the conditional formatting is like this: 



Please find the attachment file to see the solution!  

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Hello thanks for helping it is actually 15 minutes. How would that formula look.

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If so, the formula would be as follows:

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thanks again is there a way to have it work for each row of do I have to enter it separate for each row

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In the attached file, the conditional formatting formula is already applied to the whole column A and B, try to add a new record and see how it works.

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awesome it works!! How did you apply the conditional formatting to the columns?

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You have to highlight the target range before you apply the conditional formatting.

You can modify it from the rules manager as the below screenshot:


Rules Manager.png

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