Help with Excel IF and AND or OR functions

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I am working on  a pension analysis.  Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

If the salary is less than or equal to 210,000 then return amount in that cell.  If the salary is greater than or equal to 210,000 then return 210,000.  I am not able to get it to return the amounts.  Any help on this is appreciated.  I been working on the IF(OR function but can only get half to work.   

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thank you for the formula. it only gives me part of the challenge. I need the formula to show me any salary that is in the cell that will be below 210000 as well. So, if less than or equal to 210000 also give that value...it could be 209,000, 150,000, 97,000... 210000 is the cap.

That is the way formula works. Did you try it?


I did and found my cell were not formatted correctly. It is working now.  Thank you! 

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