Help!! With selecting a formula

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Needing some help from someone in the know! If I have a series of data - say 4 cells which contain numbers 0-3 and I want to create a formula where I get a result of fail if more than of the cells are 0 or 1. How do I do this?

I basically want a function to tell me if the series has more than 1 cell with a value of 1.

As the values could be any in combination e.g. 2,2,2,1 or 2,1,2,1 or 1,1,2,2 I can’t use a total > formula.
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Hi @Gill_4711 


You can achieve this by using Countif() function:




A sample file is also attached for your reference, please let me know if it works for you.



Thanks wasn’t the exact fix but used it then applied a IF formula to the result of that formula!!
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