Having an issue with HLOOKUP

Venkatesh Vundela
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Having an issue with HLOOKUP

I have created so many tables giving names as TABLE1, TABLE2,.............TABLE7.

Attached is a snapshot of it

Now if I change the value in grey area then HLOOKUP should automatically refer to that numbered table as array. I can do this using if condition but I have actual sheet where there 100+ tables so I want it to be dynamic.

Any help is appreciable


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Re: Having an issue with HLOOKUP

I have to assume that TABLE1 is a named range and not an Excel table (i.e. ListBox).  Were it an Excel table the reference as shown in H4 would have to be Table1[#All].


The INDIRECT function returns a reference to a cell, named range or object based on a string or cell reference input.  You were almost there with the formula shown in H5.  You just need to wrap your reference in an INDIRECT function:


Re: Having an issue with HLOOKUP

Thank You so much
That worked like a charm

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