HELP Not Working in Excel for Mac

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I’m trying to use Excel 2019 for Mac (installed on my MAC) and am fairly new to Excel.  Help seems not to work.  The “Tell Me What You Want to DO” label and text box have disappeared from my screen.  There’s no “Help” tab on any of the ribbons.  When I access Help by clicking Help at the top of my Mac’s screen (in the Excel bar displayed by OSx) and select “Excel Help”, I get an “Excel for Max Help” window, but it’s unresponsive to any text I type init’s “Search help” box.  Can anyone help me?

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Hi gww-289!

Try it with the function key F1. It always starts the Help in Office Programs in default.This is a panel, that is not in the ribbon by default anymore.


To reactivate it pls. go to your Start Tab, then to Options.


Search in left navigation of this options dialogue to adjust the Menu ribbon.


There you have to other panels in this window. search for a blank box called "Help and activate that. I noticed that after the last updates they deactivated it.


That is the case, if the majority of users doesnt use it i guess. Only us two left ;)


Consequence is: Use shortcuts. Its the best way to activate something what is already not available by sight, but still works in background.


Greets, Eva.

Thanks, Eva.


I tried using function key F1.  that brought up an EXcel Help window, but its search field was unreponsive to anything I typed.


I don't kknow how to translate "Start Tab" and "Options"  to my MAC.  I have "Preferences" in the drop-down list I get when I click "Excel" at the top left of my screen when I'm running Excel, but I can't find anything related to Help there.



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