Grid Lines Disappearing

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I am doing a spread sheet and I have "Grid Lines" turned on. When I go to the print screen a few are missing. I have tried copying a group of cells that HAVE grid lines on the print page and I copy them in a different area. Again I go to just look on the print page and again some will be missing. Grrrrrr, Please help!!! i need to get this printed :-(

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Show Grid Lines only applies to the worksheet view on the screen.  It sounds like you are missing borders on cells that are not showing lines when printed.

Thank you Rusty. How to I change the cell borders?

Select your cells, right click, format cells.  Under Line Style, select the type of lines you want (typically the small dots to provide a fine line on the printout), then place on the Border box.

You can also select the cells & click the borders icon in the Font group on the Home tab.

After adding the borders, just do a print preview & adjust as necessary.